Conference 2023

Back again at Hjalmargaarden close to Orebro, Sweden. The conference happened from August 2nd through 6th. The Study was in 1. John Taking us through that was: David Guzik (USA), Mark Walsh (UK), Pierre Petrignani (France), Robert Pecoraro (Finland), Jaakko Haapanen (Finland) and Daniel Jacobsen (Denmark)

Main Sessions

Scripture Title Teacher Length Date Download
1John 1 - no title - Robert Pecoraro 63 min 05.08.23 Mp3
1John 2:1-14 - no title - Jaakko Haapanen 62 min 06.08.23 Mp3
1John 2:15-29 - no title - David Guzik 56 min 06.08.23 Mp3
1John 3:1-12 - no title - Mark Walsh 45 min 07.08.23 Mp3
1John 3:13-4:6 - no title - David Guzik 50 min 07.08.23 Mp3
1John 4:7-21 - no title - Pierre Petrignani 58 min 08.08.23 Mp3
1John 5:1-12 - no title - David Guzik 49 min 08.08.23 Mp3
1John 5:13 - no title - Daniel Jacobsen 51 min 09.08.23 Mp3


Scripture Title Teacher Length Date Download
- People God Uses Pierre Petrignani 76 min 04.08.23 Mp3

These conference archive pages is a work-in-progress. We know that not all group photos have been uploaded, and that we don't have complete descriptions of every conference. Also some of the recorded teachings are not at our disposal. Should you have any information that would complete these pages even more please let me know at

Disse sider forekommer kun på engelsk så alle der har taget del i konferencerne har mulighed for at forstå hvad der står