Conference 2003

The conference now moved to Denmark. And it was held in Osted (15 minutes south of Roskilde). It took place between August 7th and August 10th. And the speakers were again. David Guzik and Ralph Wood. The theme of this years conference was "We Would see Jesus" - a study through the Gospel According to Mark.

Main Sessions

Scripture Title Teacher Length Date Download
Mark 1-3 Introduction Ralph Wood 53 min 07.08.03 Mp3
Mark 4-6 Seeing the Power of Jesus David Guzik 61 min 08.08.03 Mp3
Mark 7-9 God's Purposes and the ways of man Ralph Wood 80 min 08.08.03 Mp3
Mark 10-13 Seeing the Authority of Jesus David Guzik 62 min 09.08.03 Mp3
Mark 14-15 Get Him to the Cross Ralph Wood 82 min 09.08.03 Mp3
Mark 16 The Resurrection David Guzik 35 min 10.08.03 Mp3


Scripture Title Teacher Length Date Download
- Home Fellowships part 1 Ralph Wood 89 min 08.08.03 Mp3
- Home Fellowships part 2 Ralph Wood 57 min 09.08.03 Mp3

These conference archive pages is a work-in-progress. We know that not all group photos have been uploaded, and that we don't have complete descriptions of every conference. Also some of the recorded teachings are not at our disposal. Should you have any information that would complete these pages even more please let me know at

Disse sider forekommer kun på engelsk så alle der har taget del i konferencerne har mulighed for at forstå hvad der står