Conference 2004

The Conference stayed in Denmark. And this time it moved to "kilden" (just outside of Roskilde). It was held in the days Aug 5th through Aug 8th 2004. The theme chosen for this year was "Philippians". This was the first time that local teachers were used. They were Kent Åkerlund (CC Malmö) and Daniel Jacobsen (CC Hilleröd). The two were now, with help from locals, planning the conference.

Main Sessions

Scripture Title Teacher Length Date Download
Phil 1:1-18 - Kent Åkenlund 53 min 05.08.04 Mp3
Phil 1:19-30 - Daniel Jacobsen 35 min 06.08.04 Mp3
Phil 2:1-11 - Ralph Wood 63 min 06.08.04 Mp3
Phil 2:12-30 - David Guzik 48 min 07.08.04 Mp3
Phil 3 - Ralph Wood 60 min 07.08.04 Mp3
Phil 4 - David Guzik 55 min 08.08.04 Mp3


Scripture Title Teacher Length Date Download
- Inductive Bible Study Ralph Wood 78 min 06.08.04 Mp3

Article by Theis Brøgger on the Conference

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