Information in English

Most of the people who end up on this website, do so because they have some sort of connection to Denmark, either through a relative or maybe being from Denmark themselves, but now living in the States and have forgotten most of their Danish. Whatever the reason we are filled with joy that you take interest in us, and though we are not going to translate the entire website into English, we will give you the most valuable, and often asked, information here.

We meet every Sunday at 10:30 am and Wednesday night at 7 pm to Study the Word, Pray, Break Bread and Fellowship (Acts 2:42). We have been meeting since April of 2007. It is our supreme desire to see the Danish people on fire for the Lord. Therefore we steadfastly and continually teach the Word week after week.

Our fellowship is located in Hillerød, just 30-45 minutes outside of Copenhagen, and we would love to see new people attend. So if you know anybody in the area please send them our way.

We have translation available for those who desire so. Also, our facility can be hard to find, but it is located on Markedsstræde 8 in the city of Hillerød. It is on on top of the pizzeria "gonzales". Not many people in the area know of our church, so you might want to ask for this locations. Once you find the pizzeria there are small signs to the church. Also you might want to know that we are one the second floor.

You might be interested to know that every year in July/August we have a Scandinavian Conference, where people connected to Scandinavia and Calvary Chapel meet for 5 days to Study the Word and Fellowship.

One of the most encouraging things is to hear from our brothers and sisters and how they are praying for us, so please email us at