Interviews with CC Pastors in Europe

Throughout 2005, Calvary News Network published a "Fellowship Focus" interview series featuring pastors of various Calvary Chapel ministries around Europe. In these interviews, the pastors describe what God is doing on their particular mission's field and how He called them to serve there. These encouraging frontline reports offer a behind-the-scene's look at the challenging yet rewarding ministry conditions in Europe.

- All articles and interviews were done by Theis Brøgger -

"As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country" - Proverbs 25:25.

The following 10 interviews were published in 2005. In each of them, the pastor was presented with 10 questions that gave him a chance to share experiences, encouragements, and edifying updates from his assigned mission's field.

Calvary Chapel Rome, Italy - Pastor Brent Harrell shares about his ministry, the spiritual situation in Italy, and about why the biblically famous Italian capitol has been labelled a 'graveyard for missionaries'. Published on January 1st 2005.

Calvary Chapel Priluki, Ukraine - Pastor Paul Sisemore shares about how God called him into the ministry, about how that call has remained absolutely foundational, and about the "Book of Acts scenarios" which the church in Ukraine is going through right now. Published on January 13th 2005.

CrossPoint Dublin, Ireland - Pastor Kevin Fitzgerald shares about what it's like to minister to the Irish, how his ministry has been received by the already existent churches in Dublin, and about what not to do when coming to Ireland as a foreign missionary. Published on February 1st 2005.

Calvary Chapel Munich, Germany - Pastor Torsten Johnson explains why he thinks that a large revival in Germany could be just around the corner and reveals what Bible verses got him through the most fierce attacks from the enemy. Published on March 3rd 2005.

Calvary Chapel Tel Aviv, Israel - Pastor Stephen Apple paints a picture of the ministry in "one of the most secular cities on earth," and he tells the story of how a recent suicide bomb almost ended that ministry. Read his inspiring report of the remarkable prophecies that are being fulfilled before his eyes. Published on March 28th 2005.

Calvary Chapel Hannover, Germany - Pastor Peter Will shares his testimony and his experience from decades of ministry in Germany, and talks about the challenges that are involved when bringing the CC movement across the Atlantic. Published on May 27th 2005.

Calvary Chapel Norwich, England - Pastor John Brown describes the spiritual situation in today's England, how to dodge Darwin and Bush en route to the Cross, and he shares the needs and praises of his congregation. Published on June 6th 2005.

Calvary Chapel Nice, France - Pastor Pierre Petrignani explains how he ended up returning from Seattle to serve among his countrymen, how the spiritual conditions are in France, and how CC Nice reaches out to the local community. Published on July 7th 2005.

Calvary Chapel Vienna, Austria - Pastor Shay Swanson describes how God is moving in Austria's mountainous mission fields, what it's like to serve in a place convicted by decades of Catholicism, and what practical challenges CC Vienna is faced with at the moment. Published on November 30th 2005.

Calvary Chapel Budapest, Hungary - Pastor Greg Opean describes how God has turned a 10-person Bible study into a church of 1,200 and also what Calvary Chapel leaders around the world should look out for at this time in the movement's history. Published on December 9th 2005.